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The Nail Surgery Clinic runs as part of Purple Podiatry and in the same location.

Nail Surgery can offer permanent relief from ingrowing toe nails,  painful involuted nails,  fungal nails or deformed nails. Performed under local anaesthetic, either part or the whole of the nail can be removed.

The procedure can take about 45 minutes in which local anesthetic is used to numb the toe(s) ,  the nail is removed once the anesthetic is effective,  where appropriate a chemical is applied to the base of the nail to help stop regrowth and dressings applied.   Following the surgery, you will have a large dressing applied and then a review appointment 1-2 days later.  After this you will need to soak and dress the toe as recommended for between 4-6 weeks.

If you are considering nail surgery, for any toe nail problems , then please contact us, an assessment is needed prior to the surgery.

Please click here to download more information about Nail Surgery.
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